Q #1: I have just tried to hook-up a Key Tronic product for the first time and it is not working properly. What could cause this?

A: We apologize for any problems you are encountering.  There could be any number of reasons for the product not working.  PLEASE contact our tech support for comprehensive assistance. (1-800-262-6006).

Q #2: What do the Windows keys on your Key Tronic keyboard do in Windows ?

A: The keys to the immediate left and right of the spacebar and Alt keys bring up the Start menu in Windows.  These are called the windows keys.  The key to the farthest right delivers a right mouse button click.  This key is called the applications key.  Refer to the user manual that comes with all Microsoft Windows products for specifically how these keys work in your software application.

Q #3: I have a Key Tronic PS2 keyboard and my new computer only has USB ports.  Can I use an adapter to enable the keyboard to work?

A:  Yes, however you will need an adapter that has the necessary electronics in it to translate the PS2 code into USB code.  Most such adapters have a "pod" in the middle of the adapter that houses the electronics.  A passive/simple connection change adapter will not work.

Q #4: My computer system has remained on, but I haven't used the mouse or keyboard in my Cordless, Unplugged-PS2SB01/02  product for about 10 minutes, now the keyboard and/or mouse doesn't respond.  What can I do?

A: The keyboard and mouse go into a "suspend mode" after not being used for approximately 10 minutes.  The suspend mode is designed to save the batteries used in the keyboard and mice.  To "wake up" the keyboard, press any key.   This initial key stroke will not be recognized by the computer, it simply wakes the keyboard up.   To wake up the mouse, click either the left or right button once - we suggest using the right button, so that you don't open or close a program that your cursor might be located on.

Q #5: My Unplugged/Cordless keyboard or mouse does not seem to be recognized by my computer system.   What should I do?

A: When you first start using the UNPLUGGED-PS2SB01 or UNPLUGGED-PS2SB02 cordless keyboard/mouse bundle or after you have changed the batteries on either the keyboard or mouse you will need to redefine the channel selection that the keyboard or mouse is using.  To define the channel selection please follow the steps below, please insure that you follow them in exactly the order listed.

1)  check and insure that batteries in keyboard are full strength (we do not recommend using rechargeable batteries) and properly seated in keyboard.
2)  check and insure that batteries in mouse are full strength (we do not recommend using rechargeable batteries) and properly seated in mouse.
3)  turn the keyboard over and using a pen or paperclip, press the ID select button (located to the right of the battery area) in for approximately 3 seconds.
4)  now press the ID button on the receiver module and hold this down for approximately 3 seconds. (note:  you will need to press the ID button on the receiver module within 10 seconds of pressing the keyboard ID select button).
5)  next, using a pen or paperclip,  press the ID select button on the bottom of the mouse (located to the right of the battery compartment on the UNPLUGGED-PS2SB01 and to the left of the battery compartment on the UNPLUGGED-PS2SB02) for approximately 3 seconds.
6)  now press the ID button on the receiver module again and hold this down for approximately 3 seconds (note:  you will need to press the ID button on the receiver module within 10 seconds of pressing the mouse ID select button)

If the keyboard or mouse is still not communicating with the computer, please call us.  


Q #6:  I am loading the software CD that came with my E05331USiMM-C,  E05351USiMM-C, E05351U1HUB or E05351U2HUB keyboard and I'm being prompted for a serial number.   Do I list the serial number that is on the keyboard ? 

The serial number that you are being requested to list when loading the software for these products is actually the serial number located in the bottom right hand corner on the CD jacket.   Please fill in the entire serial number, you do not need to put the dash in the middle.

Q #7:  The trackball on my Key Tronic keyboard is not moving the cursor across the screen correctly.  Is there a specific cleaning procedure to fix this problem?

A: Yes, Below are the detailed manufacturer’s cleaning instructions:

In order to achieve the best possible performance from your trackball pointing device, the following steps should be taken approximately once a month.  These instructions should also be followed if your trackball is moving poorly in one direction. For example, it moves well vertically but not horizontally.

Material Required:

A) Isopropyl alcohol.
Lint free swabs, such as "Radio Shack 44-1001 or 44-1094 anti-static, lint free swabs" or equivalent.
Lint free cleaning cloth (such as McMaster Carr number 7340T21 or equivalent. McMaster Carr phone number is 310 692-5911.).
Small rigid or semi-rigid smooth plastic sheet for testing the correct amount of alcohol, such as a transparency.
Paper clip.


1) Using the end of the paper clip, turn the retaining ring on top of the ball counter-clockwise and then remove the ring and ball.  Place them safely aside.
2) Clean the ball with the lint free cloth and alcohol. Set aside until reassembly.  Do not immerse the ball in alcohol. Note: You can also use a light weight sandpaper to slightly "rough" up the ball.  This helps create traction when the ball is engaged in the trackball module.  Be sure you wipe off any dust created by the sandpaper.
3) Dip the lint free swab in alcohol.  Remove the amount of alcohol on swab by applying it to the lint free cloth or by squeezing the swab tip with tweezers.  You can use any method for reducing the amount of alcohol on the swab as long as the swab and alcohol are not contaminated.

Note:  To test for the proper amount of alcohol, apply the swab to the piece of plastic held vertically and draw a horizontal line with the swab.  Apply enough pressure to simulate cleaning the plastic sheet surface.  IF ALCOHOL RUNS DOWN THE PLASTIC SHEET, THERE IS TOO MUCH ALCOHOL ON THE SWAB.  If it does not run but paints a line the width of the swab, it has the proper amount of alcohol.  The objective is to have sufficient alcohol on the swab to clean oil, grease, and remove other contaminants but not flood the trackball base plate with alcohol.

4) Once the proper amount of alcohol is on the swab, lightly rub the rollers back and forth to remove any contaminants.  Then gently turn each roller and repeat.  Repeat this procedure to make certain that the entire roller surface has been cleaned.  Inspect the rollers for cleanliness as you go.
5) Clean each of the silver bearings inside the ball cavity as well, making certain there are no loose particles in the area of the bearings.  Note:  these silver bearings have a "spring" action - do not press to hard or bend the bearings.
6)  Replace the previously cleaned ball and retaining ring.

Q #8: Is a special driver required for Key Tronic Trackball keyboards ?

A: A special driver is not necessary for the Key Tronic trackball keyboard as the trackball acts as if it is a Microsoft compatible 2 button mouse.  If it is plugged into a PS/2 Mouse Port, to install the driver: Choose "Standard PS/2 Port Mouse" in the mouse section of the Control Panel. 

Q #9:  The Key Tronic scroll mouse that came with my keyboard  won't scroll.   Do I need a special driver ?

A:  Some systems need a special driver to enable the scroll function on the mouse.   Please go to the Microsoft web site and go to the mouse driver download section to load an appropriate driver.

Q #10: What international language keyboards are available in the U.S. & Canada ?

A:  Key Tronic manufactures many International language keyboards.  We carry the following products in stock here in the US:

EUROTECH-FC-C has a French-Canadian layout
EUROTECH-GR-C and LT DESIGNER INGR have a German layout
E05305CMS205-C which has the Canadian Multilingual Standard layout
which has the Canadian Multilingual Standard layout

Q #11: How do I enable the international language on my keyboard?

A: In Windows 3.x select the proper code page in the Windows Setup screen. In Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP:

1)   click on the Start Button,  highlight Settings, then click on the Control Panel.

2)  If using Win 95 & 98 - Double click on the Keyboard icon, then click on the Languages tab, then click on the Add button.  For Win2000 - Double click on the keyboard icon, then click on the Input Locales tab, then click on the Add button.  For Win XP - Double click on the Regional & Language options icon, then click on the Languages tab, then click on the Details button.

3)  The International keyboard uses one of  the following settings, depending on the language you need and the version of Windows you are running: 

Eurotech-FC-C for Win95 & 98 select French (Canadian), for Win2000 & XP select French (Canada) for input language and Canadian French for the keyboard layout/IME. 

Eurotech-GR-C/LT Designer INGR  for Win95 & 98 select German (Standard), for Win2000 & XP select German (Germany) for the input language and German for the keyboard layout/IME.

E05305CMS205-C/E05331CMSIMM-C this layout will only work for Windows 2000 & XP - select French (Canadian) for input language and Canadian Multilingual Standard for the keyboard layout/IME.  

4)  Using the drop down arrow, highlight the appropriate language  (see above) and click 'OK'.   The computer system may ask you to insert a disk for the International drivers (this is part of your Microsoft programs, the disk is not supplied by Key Tronic)  You should now see in the "installed keyboard language" box, English and the selected language you just added.

5)  Click the Apply button. Your system will now allow you to type in English plus the other selected language.  You should make a note of how your computer is going to switch between the languages - this is noted in "switch languages" or "preferences/language bar or key settings".  This is normally either an icon on your task bar or a sequence of specific keys.

6)  Please note what the default language is set to.   That will be the language the computer boots up in and you will use.   You can change this by highlighting the language you want to be set as default and clicking on the "set as default" button.   For example, you want to write a Word Doc in French.   You will need to launch Word and then toggle to French.   For every program you open, it will start with the default language, if you need to switch to another language while typing, simply hit the toggle keys.

 International language keyboards sometimes have a 3rd character on a key.   Generally the specialized hyphens and accent marks.   On the French keyboard for example, the @ is the 3rd character on the zero key.   Just like the English layout, the bottom left character of a key is produced with an unshifted keystroke, the top left character is produced using a shift.   To access the 3rd character on the right of the key, press the ALT GR key or on the French Canadian keyboard ALT CAR (to the right of the spacebar) plus the key with the desired character.

The keyboards using the Canadian Multilingual Standard layout use a slightly different key sequence.  They are:  bottom left legend/press the key, top left legend/press shift + the key, bottom right legend/press the right ctrl key + the key, top right legend/press shift + right ctrl key + the key and the front legend/press Alt GR + the key.

Also some International languages have accent marks (sometimes called grave accent or acute accent).  To have the appropriate accent mark appear over a letter,  you need to press the accent mark first (nothing will appear on  your screen), then press the key that has the letter you want.  The letter with the accent mark should now appear on your screen.  Note:  Microsoft does put "rules" in their International drivers.  This means that if you try to put an accent mark over a letter that does not follow the "rules" then the accent mark will not appear.



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